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    Color Butterfly Valley
      The Color Butterfly Valley is famous for its vast collection of butterfly species and quantities; it is located near the Hongshuei River in Liouguei Village, the entire area is divided into 11 valleys that extends 485 hectares. In 1982, the government declared the creation of the Color Butterfly Valley Designated Scenic Area. The land is mostly cultivated with forests, mainly teak tree and kassod tree. Nearby there is the Hongshueikeng village, with little population, they are mainly involved in the plantation of fruit trees and bamboo forests.

      The nationally owned forest land and abandoned farmland in the territory is covered in diverse vegetation, suitable for the inhabitation and breeding of butterflies. Every year, the months of May to July and September to October are the best time for admiring the yellow butterflies. Other butterfly species are also easy to be observed here. Although known for its rich collection of butterfly species, the butterfly habitats have been devastated and the quantity of butterflies sharply decreased. Recently, with the decline in agriculture, many farmlands have been abandoned, allowing the ecology to return to its original natural state.

      Recently, the quantity of yellow butterflies at the Color Butterfly Valley flourished; during breeding season, the valley is ablaze with dancing butterflies, forming a spectacular and beautiful scenery. Let us appreciate the wonder of the butterfly world through the Color Butterfly Valley and understand the importance of the magic of natural creations as well as ecological conservation. At the same time, we shall jointly maintain the magnificent butterfly homeland and strive to protect the natural assets on Earth.