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    Sinwei Forest Ecological Park (Sinwei Nursery Garden)
      This is located at the intersection between Liouguei Township’s Sinwei and Sinliao Villages, the local altitude is 200m, with a total area of 26.3289 hectares, and it was an uneven, hilly land. In 1957, it was leased by the Forestry Bureau from the Liouguei Township Office and it was flattened to form the terrace. The plant nursery was officially opened in November 1960 and became the largest plant nursery in Taiwan, mainly cultivating tropical forest seedlings. The most spectacular sight of Sinwei Forest Park is the mahogany trees that line both sides of the trail, whether for wedding photo shoots or simply for sightseeing, this has become a popular stop for taking

    18 Arhats Mountain
      The tunnel by the County Highway No. 184 (between Jiouzai Alley of Wunwu Village to Erpo of Sinsing Village), the total area of 300 hectares. This area is declared as a geological landscape reserve. The 18 Arhats Mountain is composed of six very thick Liouguei conglomerates, they have a very complex structure, this is the result of topographical development and tectonics, forming independent mountains. If observed from the north side, the shape resembles that of a turtle. If observed from the opposing bank of Laonong River, one can observe the 18 mountains that resemble the standing posture of the 18 Arhats; this is where the name is derived from.

      According to drilling research by CPC, the Pingtung Plain has sunk close to 1,000m, this means that on top of the original terrain, more than 1,000m of contemporary sediments have been accumulated. The sunken eastern border contains the Laonong River and Chaojhou Fault Scarp. Such terrain is formed when the seabed accumulates a thick layer of conglomerates and sand, upheaval movement of the Earth’s crust pushes the land upwards, after erosion by natural wind, rain and river, the steep cliff is formed

      Inside the mountainous region of the 18 Arhats Mountain, the most commonly seen terrains are U-shaped valley, gorge, mountain, meander and arid valley. This indicates that violent topographical actions have occurred here. This is the perfect outdoor geography classroom