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    Hot Spring Area

    Baolai Hot Spring
      Baolai is at the northernmost tip of Liouguei Township, since the South Cross-island Highway was developed in 1981, transportation has become more convenient. In 1982, people introduced hot spring water from the upstream of Baolai River to the Baolai Village next to the South Cross-island Highway for tourists and accommodation. Together with the famed Miaotong Temple, the Buddhist sacred place. they ensure Baolai’s booming developments.

      Mainly concentrated on both sides of Jhongjheng Road of the Provincial Highway No. 20 in Baolai, the hot springs in this area originates from the Lutou Hot Spring source along the Baolai River. The water is delivered to various hot spring resorts in pipelines. The hot spring water her is mainly carbonic acid type

      Baolai Village is adjacent to the Laonong River, the hot spring here is carbonic acid type, with PH values between 7.2~7.8. The slightly alkaline hot spring is clear, colorless and odorless, the temperature is roughly 60 degrees; after taking a bath the skin feels especially smooth. It is also helpful for curing body aches; it drunk as water, it can cure stomach diseases (must be filtered).

    Bulao Hot Spring
      The originally unknown small stream was called Hot Water River due to its high water temperature throughout the year, very few people who opened new lands appreciated the enjoyment of the outdoor hot spring. Later, those who frequented the river suggested that the hot spring water was clear and odorless, also the skin becomes silky smooth after taking a bath. The rejuvenation effects of the hot spring culminated in the name Bulao (ageless) River.

      In 1970, people constructed rooms using wooden panels and introduced upstream hot spring water to offer tourists with bathing and accommodation services. They named it the Bulao Hot Spring, and the name became renowned throughout the country.

      The hot spring of Bulao River comes from the source 2kms away. It is a type of geothermal carbonic acid hot spring, it is drinkable and can be bathed with, maintaining a temperature of 45 degrees throughout the year.